Food opens the doors of our hearts-Shah foods! -


May 3, 2017

Food opens the doors of our hearts-Shah foods!

Food opens the doors of our hearts-Shah foods!

These days the tradition of sharing and caring seems to be liberal and people are seen being busy in their own world having no spare time for others. Just to mark the sense of sharing and bringing back the tradition in the society, we bring you the food that opens the doors to our hearts and it’s the Shah foods. It’s time that we take one step further each and cherish the tradition of sharing with the neighbors once again irrespective of their cast and religion being followed by them.
There is a video uploaded by the Shah foods in which you see a Chinese couple eating their food but not happy with the taste. Then they decide to go to the supermarket and bring home the Shah Foods masalas and powders. The Chinese wife brings home the yummy biryani masala of the shah food and starts preparing the chicken Biryani at her home. After the meal is ready, she tastes the food that makes wonders and she soon packs the meal in a dish and takes it to her neighbor.  She then greets the Muslim lady who opens the door for her saying,” Assalam walekum”.  Surprised to see a Chinese Lady wearing a scarf on her head and greeting her in the language, the Muslim lady greets her back.
Not speaking anything and just by actions, the Chinese lady asks the Muslim lady to taste the food she made and on tasting the biryani, the Muslim lady could not stop herself from eating more and more and says that it is very tasty. She takes the bowl of biryani in her hand and takes the Chinese lady inside the house calling out for other persons in the house to come and eat the amazing biryani made by their neighbor. Soon the family members gathers and tastes the biryani made by the Chinese neighbor and all of them starts treating her by offering drinks and making her feel homely. Being emotional with the gesture, the Chinese lady gets into tears where she is been pampered with the elder lady saying that this place is also your home and all of them takes a Selfie having a great time together. Thus the Shah food opens the doors of our hearts and keeps the tradition of sharing with neighbors once again.

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