Can You Spot The Differences In These Pairs Of Photos? Genius Have Already Failed!

When we were young, we loved to spot differences between a pair of photos which looked quite similar. Well, till date I love to find out mistakes or differences or find out "How many faces" are there in a particular picture and so and so. These kind of puzzles keep our mind sharp and solving them in newspapers or magazines is always fun way to start our day. It might have been many days since you last played this game, so here we go.

Let's see how long you take to spot in this.

Now this is a tough one. Is it her eyes, are her cheeks more swollen? Ah, no!

This is a cakewalk.. I mean, very easy again.

This one should also not take much of your time.

Another obvious one that you might be getting annoyed by the simplicity.

This will take a while yet again!!

Well, that's an easy one to begin with.

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