BIZARRE! These Celebs Look Horrible Without Makeup. Last One Is… -


May 3, 2017

BIZARRE! These Celebs Look Horrible Without Makeup. Last One Is…

You might believe that we must go natural all the time but in the glamour world, celebrities must not go out without make-up. We are so used to seeing them with immense layers of make-up on, that when they come out without any touch of makeup, their skin looks pretty bad to us. Basically, because skin shows the real age while make-up hides it. Moreover, acne are caused if you wear make-up regularly, which is what happens with most celebrities. Check out there no make-up pictures here:

Jennifer Lopez

This gorgeous actress/singer has made appearances without make up as well and she might not look that glamorous, but still has the amazing personality!

Annalynne Mccord

The Nip Tuck star, AnnaLynne always carries a classy look. Makeup enables everyone to make their complexion look perfect, but Annalyne doesn't mind posting her makeup-free selfies discussing about her problems with acne.

Kim Kardashian

This is her younger self, without any make-up. Her big eyes are still making her look too cute to me. She also seems to have had a lot of acne and it is no big deal.

Kelly Osbourne

She might be looking pretty scary with her colorful hair, but she doesn't mind sharing her random, not-so-perfect pictures on social media.

Sofia Vergara

This Modern Family star, might be having Latin looks but without makeup she looks like an average girl on the street.

Kate Hudson

She is quite adorable and she doesn't mind not wearing make-up. It isn't easy to stick to make up all the time, right? And she has been spotted without it several times.

Mila Kunis

She might be a charmer and witty personality, but she doesn't look as much without her make-up. Her dark circles are quite visible and it might be due to a stressful life that actors have.

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