Actor Akshay Kumar starts the Insurance Scheme for Stunt Artists! -


May 2, 2017

Actor Akshay Kumar starts the Insurance Scheme for Stunt Artists!

Actor Akshay Kumar starts the Insurance Scheme for Stunt Artists!

As an audience, we get bowed away with the actions and stunts we see on screen and feel it be real. But, we never get to know the reality behind the scenes and stunts. Most of the times, it happens that the stunts seen in movies are actually done by the stuntmen and stuntwomen. Later it gets edited and shown in the movie making it realistic to feel that a particular actor or an actress had done the stunt. There are also few people in Bollywood who does their own stunts in their films and one among such is the stuntman, Akshay Kumar. He risks his life into danger doing the difficult stunts in his movies.
Akshay Kumar- the man beyond being just ordinary!
The Indian Film Industry have very fewer people like Akshay Kumar who does the stunt for themselves and is also known to be the most generous superstar of the Industry. The efforts done by the stunt people go unnoticed and unappreciated by the industry. This change in the action is taken forward by the actor Akshay where he in a literal groundbreaking act has spearheaded an initiative to start an insurance scheme for the stuntmen and women in the Bollywood industry. The Insurance scheme raised by Akshay Kumar and Dr. Ramakanta Panda will now cover 380 stunt men and women in the industry.
The sources say that the Stunt artist in the industry had already appealed to the studios and the producers for the insurance schemes. None of them showed interest and that is why the general Secretary of the movie stunt Artist Association, Ejaz Gulab says that the action taken by Akshay did just the impossible. Apparently, Akshay Kumar had started his career in the industry being a stunt artist and he knew in deep about the difficulties undergone by the stunt artist faces on the daily coverage.
As per the Insurance Scheme, every stuntman will be covered for Rs 6 lakhs in almost 4000 hospitals across the country and in case of any death Rs. 10 lakhs will be given to his family or the guardians. A new ray of incentive and confidence has been led back for the stunt artist who now can perform their stunts precisely with more ease without having a thought for holding themselves back at any point of time in life.

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