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May 2, 2017

Aalia, Pooja Bedi’s daughter in full swings!

Aalia, Pooja Bedi’s daughter in full swings!

The trend of motherhood in Bollywood is setting up a new preach and the generation of the Youngsters are in full swings to flaunt themselves and grab the opportunity to be seen on screen. The youngster Aalia, Pooja Bedi’s daughter is also traveling in the same train of getting the fame and success on the silver screen and will be soon ready for her shot to step into the Bollywood and be the next Bollywood star. Aalia is the daughter of the Famous Celebrity face Pooja Bedi who is currently struggling and preparing herself with all the fits and fines to fit in the Bollywood.
Aalia all set to be the next Bollywood star!
Aalia is currently doing the acting course at the New York Film Academy where is learning all the waves that will further lead her to be the next Bollywood star. She has also posted about her dream of becoming a star in Bollywood on her Social account and said,” I have officially withdrawn from NYU and secured a place at the NYFA. Three days until I go back to New York, just now New York University. Thank you NYU for what was the best year of my life. NYFA see you soon.” Right before entering into the film world, Aalia has already become the social media Sensation with her pictures. Getting the fame in the industry is very difficult these days And Aalia is riding the track lying at the starting point.
Gorgeous Aalia will be 20 years old on this 28th November 2017 and she has shared her stunning pictures on the social media. She also shared a picture of her and her Mom Pooja Bedi Captioning the picture, “find you a bowl of guac that’s bigger than you.” The Mother-daughter duo picture looks absolutely stunning and this picture was hot was the cover face of the leading Femina Magazine. Being totally a girl full of talent and spark, Aalia loves painting, drawing, baking, reading and filmmaking. Aalia has the entire candid moments share don the social media where she looks cute. There are so many pictures uploaded with her father, family, and friends where Aalia is stealing away the glamor totally. We wish all the very best to Aalia for stealing the rising stone in the industry which will take her way far and held into a beautiful future ahead.

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