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May 2, 2017

A Loud S.. interrupted the Tennis Open in Florida

A Loud Sex interrupted the Tennis Open in Florida

It sounds awkward but really happened. A Tennis match in Florida got badly interrupted with the loud moaning and grunting of a couple having S.. . Woo! Sounds crazy but those unwarranted sounds drove the crowd crazy. The match was between Mitchell Krueger and Francis Tiafoe, an ATP Challenger Tour held on Tuesday night at Sarasota, Florida. The S.. sounds brought the match to a brief halt putting all the players and audiences in shock and surprise.  All were unable to believe such a loud moaning audible in public.
The Announcer Mike Cation and others initially believed that it’s some pornography video running on mobile of someone standing nearby. However, the crazy sounds seemed to be coming a bit far from the stadium. It didn’t take much of time to realize that it’s an actual lovemaking of the couple that was coming from an apartment across the lake.
The loud moaning, grunting and yelling made the crowd mad and resulted in various reactions. Imagine when you are about to write an answer sheet in the exam someone has served you the s.. video in the platter and what would you do at that time and that was the situation in front of Tiafoe when he was about to serve and the intense audios started playing and not much of surprise that he stopped. He screamed with a smile that it can’t be that good; Kreuger’s reaction was with throwing the ball in the sounds’ direction; one lady reacted to ask his young son for closing his ears.
The sounds went on for few seconds and stopped, but started again and louder unexpectedly giving an impression of much more intense sessions of the couple. What a moment! The crowd came for watching a Live Tennis match and had a free bonanza of a live audio telecast of an actual S.. session. Whether the couple realized or not that doing s.. while having their room’s window open will bother others but I must say people were stunned and amused with the intensity of the lovemaking noises which assured that whether anything right or wrong happening in this world but one couple on the Earth is definitely having an extraordinary s.. .
Match somehow ended with Tiafoe’s win by 6-3, 6-2 and screaming “It can’t be that good.” Later he tweeted as well “Never seen something more real it was amazing”. Announcer Cation also tweeted “Much love to the couple with the windows open across the way! Sounds like you guys had a good time!”

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