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May 1, 2017

21 Hilarious Photos That Prove We Indians Truly Believe In Teamwork

Hilarious Photos That Prove We Indians Truly Believe In Teamwork
We all know the importance of working together in any field. Be it at workplace, in sports, or in your daily life. It helps us interact with each other, motivate us, accelerate the work, learn new things and most importantly, it helps us achieve our common goal by overcoming the difficulties. For example, India would never have won a Cricket World Cup, we would never have become one of the largest economies in the world, or we would never have sent a satellite to Mars. All thanks to ‘teamwork’. Here are some awesome pictures that prove we were born to rule the world together.

1. Teamwork – practising since early 1990s. We had been doing it efficiently.

2. Till now we do it…and it’s definitely more fun.


3. See, all it takes is a little teamwork to reach your common destiny.


4. These guys forgot to use ‘ZOOM’ in their camera. Teamwork didn’t apply correctly but at least they tried.


5. When we work together, we always win. Life becomes much easier, right?

Via fun2video

6. Since school days, we believe in learning together and sharing our knowledge.


7. That helped us create a path to success. Now, meet the future CEOs of India.


8. Remember those group projects in your school? Didn’t the smart team always win?


9. The same rule applies at workplace too.

Via LOLIndian

10. Our love and help for each other can been seen everywhere…


11. Basically, we all work like brothers in a family.


12. And learn this mantra – Teamwork + jugaad = 100% success

13. Why didn’t they just use the bike stand? Never mind, we’re always willing to lend a hand.


14. Trust, confidence, bravery, help – that’s what all you need in executing a group plan effectively. See how these guys are doing it right.

Via PicsGag

15. Or this.


16. When things like gravity and height should not affect reaching your goals.

Via Instagram

17. Even our policemen have been doing it since long.


18. When working together gets you on a train through a window. Like this…


19. Or this.


20. And never involve stupidity with teamwork. It can cost your life.


21. Now you know the importance of teamwork? Never underestimate it.


But always remember to choose your team-mate wisely. One dumb man can ruin your hard work.


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