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May 2, 2017

20 Funny Tweets About Marriage That Single People Should Read

Single? Unmarried? Take a peek into the life of married people with these 20 funny tweets. Maybe these will help you decide if marriage is really for you or not. Some are outright funny while others actually make sense and can be taken as life advice.
One thing is for sure, though, being married is a heck ton of fun!

1. You’ll learn how to be a better economist

2. You’ll also learn how to properly budget (and be greedy)

3. You will also develop a sense of humor, if you lack one

4. Every man for himself, and that is how you survive

5. It’s fun to mess up when you do it together

6. Men have an odd way of thinking and the contents of our daydreams must be kept a secret.

7. Hurting your wife, and any other human being, is a no no. It’s totally okay to shout at them, though.

8. Which is worse than the silent treatment.

9. This is common especially after years of being married.

10. Learning how to escape responsibilities is also a key to a happy relationship.

11. Women are very adept at doing things that men can’t.

12. Being married means you have a radar that helps you distinguish between what is proper or not.

13. Achievements can come in many different shapes and your spouse will always be proud of you for it.

14. What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is mine.

15. Buy bigger blankets or maybe buy three. Two for the wife.

16. AKA Dad bod

17. To be honest, tacos for dinner sounds great

18. “Coming down!” actually means “30 more minutes”

19. Conversations are weird and they happen all the time.

20. Anything can be interpreted this way.

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