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May 3, 2017

15 things People born in the 90’s are currently experiencing!

15 things People born in the 90’s are currently experiencing!

If you are one among that pupil born in 90’s, then this article is meant for you. The time has washed off fast and you no longer are said to be a kid and are a grown up now. So if you are one riding this article, then you should not worry at all as we are sailing in the same boat and can understand each other completely.  There are few things I bet you as a 90’s born must also be experiencing. Let’s get to find them all.
  • You aren’t a 90 kid anymore as you were a 90’s baby and you are old now. Time has squashed of soon and you no more are a kid now.image source
  • All the friends of those days are getting married and few might also have kids and you might just wonder to when doing the time just flew away. .image source
  • The next graduating class in the school will be the children who were born in the year 2001 and you just realized it. .image source
  • You start to panic officially after getting confused about your future as yourself are not sure what will you do?
  • You just get annoyed with the aunties and uncles near you who just have only one common question to ask, when will you get married? .image source
  • The dating skills will perhaps change as now you would look for someone with a forever motive. .image source
  • Suddenly you realize that you have put on weight and you compare your old pictures with the current look. .image source
  • When it comes to your parents, you realize that they are the best and have done the best for you. .image source
  • The celebrity crushes you have in today’s world are younger than you like Alia Bhatt or more. .image source
  • It was just yesterday when you used to feel that married people are old and now it’s time for you to step in the shoes. .image source
  • All of your buddies are now busy in their own lives making plans for their future and set a career or get married. .image source
  • All of them suddenly expect you to take so much of responsibilities. .
  • You start to feel afraid and insecure about knowing your schoolmates and friends success having more than you. .
  • You started to address everything using past tense like when I used to do so. .
  • Lastly, you are very excited to find out where your life will take you to. .

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