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May 3, 2017

14 Actors Who Didn’t Want To kiss Their Co-Stars

Movie star’s careers are never ending game of spinning the bottle. To make the characters played by them look authentic, actors go all the way out for makeovers, shed weight or gain weight as per the demand of the role. Mathew McConaughey had shed off massive amount of weight to play the role of AIDS victim for the movie Dallas Buyer Club. Actress Renee Zellweger had to gain weight to pull off the role Bridget Jones. Even when it comes to some stunts, some of the actors do not use stunt doubles and enact the stunts by themselves. And what happens when it comes to romantic roles.  
With each new role, actors are given a new love interest to flirt with or to fall for and to eventually kiss. The actors then pretend to be very romantically involved in kissing scenes in the movies while in real life they may not have any interest in their on screen love. To execute a romantic scene well there needs to be right chemistry off the screen between the co-stars enacting the scene and most of the time they do carry it off well. It may not occur to you while watching the movie that these stars were actually uneasy and not willing to kiss their on screen co-stars.
Here we unveil 14 actors who did not want kiss their co-star

Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller (For: The Spectacular Now)

In the movie “The Spectacular Now”, both Shailene Woodley & Miles Teller did not like their kissing scenes. According to Miller, Woodley would take on some Chinese dirt supplement which he would call it as pouch of dirt, which made her breath smell awful while Woodley complained of Teller always smelling of an energy drink.

Angelina Jolie & McAvoy (For: Wanted)

Every man desires to kiss the most beautiful actress Angelina Jolie, but ask her co-star McAvoy and he says that the kiss between them in the movie “Wanted” was awkward, sweaty and not very nice. He says he was hesitant to kiss his co-star because the scene was filmed on the day he met her

Emma Watson & Rupert Grint (For: Harry Potter& the Death Hallows

The audience anticipated to see the “Harry Potter” stars Emma Watson & Rupert Grint to blossom on silver screen. However Grint told Attitude magazine that kissing Watson was disgusting as they were friends from age of nine and they had grew up together. Watson also admitted that she was eager “get over with it” that she literally pounced upon Grint which made the kissing even more awkward

Steve Carell & Dwayne Johnson (For: Get Smart

Unless you are into it, kissing the same gender can be the most awkward thing to do. For Steve Carell & Dwayne Johnson in their comedy action “Get Smart” wasn’t easy either. In interview to Elle magazine, when asked about the kissing scene, Dwayne compared Steve’s tongue to kitty litter & his lips to kitty paws. It was all in humour though nevertheless unappealing

Helena Bonham Carter & Woody Allen (For: Mighty Aphrodite)q

Helena Bonham Carter played the role of Woody Allen in the movie “Mighty Aphrodite”, she said kissing Allen was not just unpleasant but much of a chore. He was too bossy which sucked the romance out of everything. She said “he tells you upfront the certain ways of kissing he doesn’t want. No exchange of liquid is permitted & he makes no effort which was offensive, she said kissing him was like kissing the wall of Berlin”.

Virginie Leydoyen &Leonardo Dicaprio (For: The Beach)

Ever since Leonardo Dicaprio made it movies, women across the globe have been wanting to plant a kiss on him. Much to our surprise his co-star Virginie Leydoyen from the movie “The Beach” said that Leonardo is a nice guy, but she wouldn’t want him as a lover. She said there was no passion and sensitivity in their kissing scenes, she can’t even remember his kiss.

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson & Liam Hemsworth (For: The Hunger Games)

The hottest actress of today’s times, Jennifer Lawrence is not the world’s best kisser as one would presume her to be. Her co-star Josh Hutcherson from “The Hunger Games” told Elle magazine that her kisses were slobbery. He also added she had a dribble problem which she had to take care of. Actress’s other co-star Liam Hemsworth too had nothing favourable to say for Jennifer, he said the lady smelled bad breath as she would eat garlic & tuna before the shots, kissing her was horrible.

Tom Cruise & Thandie Newton (For: Mission Impossible 2)

In an interview to Gawker, Thandie Newton criticised Hollywood’s leading actor Tom Cruise’s kissing skills. According to her, in the movie “Mission Impossible 2”his kisses were “slightly icky & wet”. Apart from this, the director was asking them to re-shoot the kissing scenes until he got the take right adding to her dismay was the fact they were shooting at place which was too hot.

Tony Curtis & Marilyn Monroe (For: Some Like It Hot)

Movie star Tony Curtis became the envy of men from around the world as he got to kiss the iconic blonde beauty Marilyn Monroe in the movie “Some Like It Hot”. However for Curtis kiss the ruby red lips was awful. Curtis claimed that kissing Monroe was like kissing Hitler, a comment he later denied & then waived it off as joke.

Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon (For: Water For Elephants)

Reese Witherspoon told Hollywood Life that during the shooting of “Water For Elephants”, actor Robert Pattinson a heart of millions of girls was having a horrible cold. During the shoot he was always sniffing with snot oozing from his nose, this made their kissing far from appealing.

Dane Cook & Kate Hudson ( For: My Best Friend’s Girl)

According to ABC News, Dane Cook of “My Best Friend’s Girl” flat called out his kiss with co-star Kate Hudson as his “Worst On-Screen kiss ever”. Despite their strong on-screen chemistry, Dane said Kate’s bad breadth killed the scene. Kate would purposely feast on onions before the shoot, this was a part of ongoing joke between the two stars. But it did burn out Dane for sure.

Alyson Hannigan & Jason Segal (For How I Met You Mothe

In the series “How I Met Your Mother” Alyson Hannigan was very sceptical about kissing her on screen husband Jason Segal, because he smelled and tasted like smoke. Later on rather than popping mints, Segal decided to quit the dirty habit, so much for his on-screen love, wonder if a real life husband would do that.

Kirsten Dunst & Tobey Muguire(For Spiderman)

Everyone remembers the iconic upside down kiss of Kirsten & Muguire from the movie “Spiderman”. According to an article in The Vancouver, the make out was not as easy to pull off as it seemed to be. Given the condition of being upside down in the rain, the whole kiss was highly uncomfortable as the blood rushed down on his head and rainwater was dripping from his nose.

Kirsten & Brad Pitt (For: Interview With Vampires)

Who wouldn’t want to kiss Hollywood’s hottest actor Brad Pitt. However his co-star from “Interview With Vampires” Kirsten, recalls that at that time “everyone was like, you got to kiss Brad Pitt” and she was like “what’s the fuss about it” as she would describe it as “disgusting”. This is understandable given the fact she was 11 years of age when the two of them kissed.

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