12 Reasons Why You Might Not Want To Leave Your Baby Alone With Dad

It is often considered that between mothers and fathers, it’s the mothers who take parenting more responsibly and fathers try to see the humour side of it. Well this holds true at least till the kids are in their toddler age. Some dads fun approach as a better approach to parenting!!  

Kiwis are Born

This dad felt that his baby’s head looked somewhat familiar. He placed a kiwi next to him and he realized that his baby’s head had an uncanny resemblance to Kiwis. He was crazy enough to place a sticker on baby’s head.

Who’s Driving

This dad thought it’s time that his baby drove him around the city. He let baby take the charge as the baby steers his way out

Cheerio Game

As the baby falls into sound sleep, this dad started playing favourite time killer game, placing the cheerio’s on the baby’s nose and building the tower.

Bubble play

Babies love bubbles and so does this daddy. He created some of the best bubble shapes ever, a beard on the baby’s face, a hat on baby’s head, a star trek’s ‘cage”, even the baby is enjoying.

Bubble Saga Continues

This dad knows what his babies love, and that’s why made the tub overflow with bubbles, so much so that its all over the floor. The babies are loving it and dad couldn’t love it more than as he sits comfortable on counter-top

Baby Goes Shopping

To keep his baby busy during shopping, this dad thought of something so hilarious. He got this toy and moulded to his baby’s face, they baby is laughing as it’s tickling him and baby is enjoying the moments

Baby Cage

To keep his baby away from the wires and computer games, this dad makes a smart move and got a gate around his gadgets and lets the baby play around in rest of the room.

Baby Sitting

Instead of dad taking care of the baby, the baby is taking care of his dad to sleep. While the baby sits comfortably on couch to watch TV, his dad is having a sound sleep, with all the stuff toys surrounding him.

Daddy Is An Engineer

This dad engineered the swing in such way that he was able to get involved while his child played on the swings, and enjoyed his drink at the same time.


This dad’s daughter wanted her hair in a ponytail, to help her get it perfect this daThis dad’s daughter wanted her hair in a ponytail, to help her get it perfect this dad came up with a crazy way to get her hair tied.d came up with a crazy way to get her hair tied.

11. Dress Them Up

This dad did not how to put the clothes on baby, so he just muffled up the clothes on the baby.

12. Unusual

This dad came up with an unusual way to carry his baby while travelling but only if his mom was to see that.

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