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May 3, 2017

101 year Man Kaur became the Gold Medalist in 100 m race

101 year Man Kaur became the Gold Medalist in 100 m race

Who says that age is a barrier? One can do wonders if he is determined. The 101-year-old Man Kaur and Indian Origin lady win the 100m Race in the World Masters Game held in Auckland on Monday. This was her 17th Gold Medal of the career which started at 93 years of her age. So the old sportsperson is quite young in her career with only eight years of experience yet her athlete career blooms at the level to put 17 Gold medals in her kitty.
Auckland, New Zealand saw Kaur completing the rounds in just 1 minute 14 seconds. She broke the record of Usain Bolt by mere 64.42 seconds in 2009 in 100m world records. However, Kaur had a guaranteed victory as being the only contender in the category of 100 years and above age contenders which surely has attracted others falling into this category to take this up as a career.
Kaur on her victory said that she only enjoys it and she is quite happy. She added that she will run again and will not give up and there won’t be any full stop to it.
Man Kaur never had any athletic or any other sports background, it was only eight years back that she joined the international master games circuit to accompany his son Gurdev Singh.

Man Kaur, 100, of India, competes in the 100-metre track and field event at the Americas Masters Games in Vancouver, B.C., on Monday August 29, 2016. Kaur, who completed the race in under 1 minute and 22 seconds, already won gold medals in shot put and javelin events. More than 10,000 athletes aged 30 and older are participating in the games which continue until September 4. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck
She got her medical check up done and a green signal to carry on her sports. Thus she started her career at 93 years of her age and the duo mother and son participated in dozens of master athletics meet worldwide.
There is 200m Race, 2 kg shot put and 400-gram Javelin on the cards for challenging her and winning all of them will see a gold medal count to become 20 for her.
Kaur was reportedly on a strict diet. She was taking wheat grass juice daily with also including a glass of fermented milk. Also, she always maintains a healthy diet with majorly homemade food. Over and above our sporting great grandmother keep herself busy and remains in a positive frame of mind always.
This high-spirited great grandmother has become a sensation in the sports clan with her determination who never shied down to perform her victory dance to show off her fans and viewers.
The World Master Games which held every four years is for differently able people with 35 years and above age. Kaur born at Patiala (Punjab) firmly believes that she will perform better in the coming days with certain medical help which a mind blowing courage of the lady. Hats off to her.

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