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May 4, 2017

10 People Who Don’t Know What “Good Parenting” Means

I am not a parent yet, but when the time comes I might not be doing these adverse things to them. Once I read a tweet, "People have kids so that they have little slaves." Well, maybe it was a joke but sometimes, it does make sense how people get all their work done from their young lads, right? Here are few parents who are not the world's best parents. 

This parent is already teaching her little one hoe to pole dance.

This happens when gaming comes before parenting.

I don't think that it was the best idea to put the baby behind the car.

People seem to be laughing while the little one is hung on the tree.

Now, that's the worst thing a parent could do to a little one.

Let's just hope she is serving her juice and not anything else.

They are watching adult movies with a lid around them! A big no!

Did she want to prepare her son for lap-dancing?

Is she unaware that her son is right next to her in the same room!!

That's what they want to teach their kids.. how to party big time!

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