MUST READ! Sooraj Pancholi's ABUSIVE Conversation With Jiah Khan Just Before She Died! -


April 11, 2017

MUST READ! Sooraj Pancholi's ABUSIVE Conversation With Jiah Khan Just Before She Died!

Actress Jiah Khan had a painful death. But right before she chose to end her life, she had received a chain of messages from Sooraj Pancholi, the man she loved and caused her unbearable amount of physical and mental suffering. As the investigations proceed, more and more details are coming to the fore. CBI, soon after handing over the charge sheet to Sooraj, has come up with a list of messages which Sooraj sent Jiah the very night she committed suicide; and they’re too much to bear.Check out Sooraj Pancholi’s last few messages to Jiah Khan just before she committed suicide:

Sooraj Pancholi’s final words to Jiah Khan.

Investigations into the alleged suicide of actor Jiah Khan have revealed that just an hour prior to taking the drastic step, she had a tiff with her boyfriend, accused Suraj Pancholi which he described as over a mere "misunderstanding." The CBI filed a charsgeheet against the Bollywood actor this week and accused him of abetting her suicide.

The CBI said on June 3, 2013, Suraj sent a bouquet to Jiah

She had bagged two films and an item song. He then went on to have dinner with a friend at a suburban five star.It further said that at 10.04pm, he called Jiah and said he was at the hotel and waiting for a jewellery designer. However, when Jiah called the woman to confirm this, the latter told her she was to meet Suraj the following morning.

Immediately Jiah called Sooraj and accused him of lying,

The CBI said in the chargesheet.Sooraj then called up the jewellery designer to confirm her arrival that night but she told him their appointment was for the following morning.

The investigating agency said Suraj to call up Jiah and clear the misunderstanding.

However, her calls to Jiah were met with a busy tone. Jiah's repeated attempts to call Suraj and message him were not answered until he called her at 10.22pm.Following this, Jiah made her way to Suraj's house and called his domestic help as Suraj's phone was switched off.

The help lied to Jiah and said he was in a meeting with his father Aditya Pancholi.

But when the help saw Jiah standing outside, he informed Suraj. By the time Suraj sent someone out to fetch her, Jiah had left. Suraj then sent her a message to call him, which Jiah did at 10.45pm. The heated conversation, the CBI said, was heard by Suraj's help and another person present in his house.

CCTV footage showed Jiah returned home at 10.48pm.

Suraj once again called her at 10.54pm and this was the last conversation between the couple.Ten mess ages sent by Suraj to Jiah between 10.56pm and 11.21pm went unanswered. At 11.20pm, when Jiah's mother returned home from a party , she found her hanging from the bedroom ceiling fan.

The chargesheet also describes in detail the abortion procedure Jiah

When Jiah was four weeks pregnant in January 2013. In his statement the doctor who pre scribed the pills to her said that two days after consuming the pills, he received a call from Suraj stating that "half of the stuff "(foetus) was still stuck inside Jiah. The doctor advised him to take her to the hospital.

The CBI said Jiah had mentioned the abortion in her note

In which she said, "I was scared of getting pregnant but I gave you myself completely . The pain you have caused me everyday has destroyed every bit of me. Destroyed my soul and I aborted our baby when it hurt me deeply ."

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