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April 11, 2017

इस दांव का कोई तोड़ नहीं, जनता कहेगी 'जियो मुकेश अंबानी'

When the free data and calling officer for six months promised to offer free summer for three more months on the first recharge of 303 rupees, then the TRAI lame. TRAI is the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, ie the institution which restricts telecom companies. At the behest of TRAI, Geo had to withdraw his 'Summer Surprise Offer', but now Geo has brought a new 'Dhamma Dhanda Dhan Offer'.
Under this new promotional offer of Geo users, users can take advantage of three months and its free services. Under the 'Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer' offer of Geo, 309 and 509 rupees will get data from 1 to 4 GB per day.
What is 'Dhamma Dhan Dhan Offer'

Geo 'Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer' has been brought keeping in mind those users who did not subscribe to it until the Geo Summer Surrender offer was withdrawn. To take advantage of this new offer, users will have to take the prime membership of the bus. Users who have become part of Summer Surprise Offer will not get the benefit of this new 'Dhan Dhan Dhan Offer'.
What was so far
Geo had announced in February that after 31st March, users will have to take prime membership by giving Rs 99 for Geo usage, after which they can recharge 303 rupees every month for free data and calling facility. The users were given the time from 1 to 31 March for taking the prime membership, but on the evening of 31 March Geo announced that the period for taking the prime membership has increased by 15 April and users who recharged 303 rupees by April 15 Will get three months and free services. Recharge service will start from July after these three months.

On Vodafone's complaint, TRAI had imposed an objection on this feature of Geo, due to which Geo had to withdraw Summer Surprise offer. In those cases, who had recharged from Rs 99 per month to 303, it was decided to get Summer Surprise offer, but the users who were unable to recharge, they were cheating themselves. Keeping their emotions in mind, they have brought 'Dham Dhana Dhan Offer'.
Know every aspect of this new offer
Under the 'Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer', users can recharge 309 or 509 rupees for free service for up to three months. In such a way, the non-membership holders and new users will have to recharg Rs 408 (Rs 99, Rs 99 and Rs 309) or 608 (99 + 509 rupees), so that they have free data and calling for 28 days. Will get the service. Once recharged, you will get free service of Geo for 84 days (28 × 3 days).

In a pack of 309 rupees, one GB and 509 rupees per day pack will get 2 GB data per day. There is a difference of less than Rs 10 in new and old tariff rates. According to Geo's website and the My Geo app, the actual price of the tariff of 309 is 349 and 509, the actual price of the tariff is 549, but the operator is paying 40 rupees discount separately. Also, Reliance Jio has not disclosed any date for the closure of 'Dham Dhanda Dhan Offer'.
Differences in new and old offers
There is only one difference in Geo's Summers Surprise Offer and Dump Dump offer that users will have the facility of recharging 999 rupees or more in the new ones, after which they will not have any Daily Limits on using the data.
Those Geo users had already recharged Rs 99 and Rs 303 before the orders of TRAI, they would get Summer Surprise Offer. Under this, they will get free service till July, after which there will be recharging facilities for 28 days.

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