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April 6, 2017

24-Year Old Boy Posts his Suicide Video on Facebook

24-Year Old Boy Posts his Suicide Video on Facebook
In the recent times, the Indian Government has made a declaration that suicide is no more a crime. The Government announced that the suicide considered as a mental illness of the person who attempts it. There are some diseases for which we cannot predict the outcomes as they are not visible in advance. People whose mind becomes inactive in some situation, their mind will completely shut down and fails to analyse things properly. Such kind of people will never understand the ultimate outcome of their actions and its severity that will affect their life in a massive manner.
In the recent times, a 24-year old boy has planned to end his life. He thought of jumping from the 19th floor of a 5-star hotel in Mumbai and decided to suicide. Arjun Bhardwaj is the young boy who came from Bangalore studied at Narsee Monjee in Vile Parle. On the day of suicide, this boy booked a room in Taj Land Hotel at 3 AM in the night. He then planned to end his life at around 6.30 PM in the evening. Here is everything you need to know about the suicide story of this 24-year old boy. Have a glimpse!
Here’s the Complete Suicide Story of a Mumbai Boy!
Arjun had decided to kill himself in an exceptional manner. He planned to live stream his suicide in the form of a video. He had named the thing as ‘How to Suicide’. In the video, we can see this youngster smoking and drinking red wine prior to ending his life. The boy also placed a note for his family members as well as friends regarding his depression. Arjun had mentioned that he was completely addicted to drugs and this addiction problem has ultimately dragged him to death.
This boy also posted a picture on Facebook and captioned it as ‘view to die for’. His postings and live streaming seems pretty sarcastic for all the viewers. After completing his posts on Facebook, Arjun then broke down the glass pane in his room on 19th floor using a chair and then forcibly plunged himself towards land. He ultimately landed on the 11th floor terrace of the building. The floor completely left with the blood of Arjun and turned out as a pool.
His final words are: “Ok, I don’t think I can record this while doing it. But f*** it, okay cool… see you guys on the other side”.
The video is extremely horrific and that’s the reason, we have not shared this suicide video with our readers. After this incident, the Mumbai police had come to know about the suicide and reached the spot. We have posted this article in order to bring some awareness in the people. Suicide or taking off lives is not a final solution to some problem. Try to think a few moments before taking such terrific decisions in your life.

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