This Pakistani Photographer Initiated A Campaign To Put An End To Child Marriages -


March 22, 2017

This Pakistani Photographer Initiated A Campaign To Put An End To Child Marriages

This Pakistani Photographer Initiated A Campaign To Put An End To Child Marriages
Child Marriage was quite common in our country in early times. After bringing some awareness among the public, they have diminished making marriages for children less than the age of 18 years. This culture of making child marriages abolished as the time passed all these years. Still, there are some unrecognized villages in our country wherein people do accept making child marriages. If you think, India is the only country that conducts child marriages then you are certainly erroneous. Yes, you heard it right!
There are several other countries that still follow the custom of organising child marriages. Some of the nations like Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh are still making child marriages. In all these nations, there are millions of girls getting married every year before becoming a major. Due to the massive pressure and impact of parents, some of the child brides forced to get married at a small age.  Before turning out to 18 years, millions of girls across the south continent pushed into marriage forcibly.
Campaign to Abolish Child Marriages
In order to get rid of this custom, a new campaign has started in Pakistan. A Pakistani photographer namely Waqar J Khan had initiated a new campaign namely ‘Fashion for Cause’. In this campaign, the photographer will capture the photos of young girls who are seeking to become ambitious sportsperson. The main plot of this photo shoot is to show the sadness and anger of the brides that appear on their faces when their parents compelled to make marriage to their small children.
He will then show them as strong and self-assured sports players and built courage within the girls so as to confront the world with essential guts and bravery. Here is all you need to know about the Pakistani photo series campaign in order to abolish child marriages in the country. Here are a group of girls who took part in this campaign and check out their goals. Have the look!
  1. The eight years old Areeba wishes to become a cricketer in her career.
  2. The twelve years old Suman is an ambitious boxer.
  1. Here is the ten-year-old Esha that represents her country in National level games as a football player.
There are many girls in Pakistan who get married at an early age. All these girls have faced the camera in a bold way. They took part in this campaign for accomplishing the best cause. Just say no to child marriage and try to make the future of the girl in a bright way.

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