These Six Traits In Women Make Men Go Gaga Over Them! -


March 19, 2017

These Six Traits In Women Make Men Go Gaga Over Them!

These Six Traits In Women Make Men Go Gaga Over Them!

Call it an informed choice or a subconscious decision but men find themselves irrevocably drawn to women who keep makeup at bay and wear their best natural ornament- smile! Yes, contrary to popular belief men find women with little to no make up more attracted than the glam dolls.
Well, it is just one of the few things men cannot resist about women. Here is a six pointer  list of traits that men find compelling about ladies:
  1. Hip to butt ratio
While it is no secret that men like to be fit and in complete control of their bodies, what is surprising is the fact that have a thing for curvy divas. Yes, an hourglass ratio of 7:10 is a major turn on for men. Gone are the days when guys would drool over petite lasses,  full blown women are the latest rage now. Wink!
2. High-pitched voice
A high-pitched voice shows that a woman is young and slim. Men, subconsciously or otherwise, find that sexy in her. Although husky voice sounds great, men do not really prefer it. Wow, that’s new!
3. Amazing hair
Long, lustrous hair is a major source of attraction for men. They find themselves drawn to women with voluptuous locks. Some hard work for girls with pixies we reckon!
4. Great smile
Lie they say, smile is the window to your soul. No jewellery in the world would look good on you or do just to your beauty if you do not flash your contagious smile. Men go weak at the knees every time they see a belle with a genuine smile.
5. A woman walking down the street with no makeup on is highly likely to get more attention from men than someone who has layers of foundation on her face. Makeup makes men feel like they are with a clown and not a real human being. Also, to go makeup-less depicts the inner strength and confidence of a woman which men find hard not to notice.
6. Wearing red
Both men and women find Red, the colour of passion, hard to resist. It goes without saying that women look their classiest best when they don red-coloured dresses. Why wouldn’t men ask her out?

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