These Beauty Products Might Be Harming Your Health Very Very Badly – Check Them Out! -


March 23, 2017

These Beauty Products Might Be Harming Your Health Very Very Badly – Check Them Out!

These Beauty Products Might Be Harming Your Health Very Very Badly – Check Them Out!
People make use of variety of products in order to enhance their beauty. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people are doing these days. By focussing their attention on their beauty, folks are simply overlooking at the quality of the beauty products. Despite making use of branded products for your beauty, it would ultimately land you in damage of your health. In some of the beauty products, you can see extreme effectiveness and it might show massive impact on your beauty. Some other products will bring out the best aroma from your body and keeps your body fresh and clean.
Have you ever think about the chemicals within these products? It is quite obvious that different artificial beauty products are made of some harmful chemicals. You might be unaware of the usage of chemicals in different beauty products. We have come up with this post in order to help you in understanding the damage that chemicals will make to your health. In every single beauty product, you will find a total of 6 chemicals quite harmful for your health. From now on, if you purchase any product, you need to ensure that it is safe, secure and doesn’t damage your health. Have a look!
  1. Butylated hydroxyanisole or BHA
Butylated hydroxyanisole in short referred to as BHA. It is an antioxidant that preserves and stabilizes the components. Usually, you can find this Butylated hydroxyanisole chemical product in different beauty products such as body lotions, lip care products and other health care items as well. As per the research reports, if BHA is increased, it would affect your endocrine system and could lead to different types of cancer.

Woman applying mascara on her long eyelashes
  1. DMDM hydantoin
This DMDM hydantoin chemical sometimes used as a preservative at the time of manufacturing shampoos, body lotions and products for eye beauty like mascara. It affects your eyes and leads to some skin related problems.
  1. Parabens
You can see the Parabens in different body lotions and a variety of beauty products. This chemical utilized in different beauty products so as to evade the development of bacteria and fungi in the products. It could damage your health by affecting your hormones and also causes breast cancer.
  1. Retinyl palmitate
Retinyl palmitate derived from vitamin A. If you make use of this chemical, it could cause some harmful tumours.
  1. Triethanolamine
Triethanolamine utilized in mascaras and different body lotions. It could affect your respiratory system and could cause cancer.
  1. Fragrance components and Perfume Products
Usually, people use different fragrance components and perfumes in order to get great aroma from their body. In these products, you can find a chemical called phthalates. This chemical could cause some allergies and respiratory issues.

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