These 8 Illustrations Show Clear Difference Between Life Before Vs Life After Marriage, #7 Opened My

Marriage is a game of gamble, either you win or lose. It happens in movies only where the stars are enjoying their life to the fullest without any tension whereas actually, there are lots of ups and downs in marriage. It does not mean that the romance ends after marriage; it simply means that you will have some different form of expressing love.
Here we are posting a list of daily situations face which you and your significant other might find very common.

Praised For Invaluable Reasons Now, You Just Compliment For Your Selfish Motives.

Less love! Less romance!

You Take Out Some Precious Time From Yours After Work, Now She Is Thriving For Your Company.

Falls Promises

Earlier, he can do anything for love. Now, it is too difficult for him to do things and even if he does, he tends to pass comments. Life changes! People change.

Takes Full Time

The guy trusted you to live together peacefully but he didn’t know about the fact that girls take more time. Now, you are least bothered about your partner and do not give time.

Now You Want More Relaxation

You just roam about at outside places be whatever the weather, now are more relaxed and can live calmly and beautifully on weekends together at your home.

Three Magical Words A Number Of Times, Now By Forcing You Do It.

More Responsibilities To Keep Both Of You Together

Earlier, you are just taking the bright side of having a partner with gifts, now you are shouldered with a number of more responsibilities to keep both of you together.
Although after it comes to an end, it seems to be a cute and one of the very beautiful relationships. Doesn’t it?

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