The Hunt for Transgenders -


March 24, 2017

The Hunt for Transgenders

The Hunt for Transgenders
They made a team of young college guys to hunt for the transgenders at different traffic signals. They had to face different roadblocks and it wasn’t an easy task. There were incidents like the transgenders keeping them waiting, another where the building would not allow the transgenders in etc. So it wasn’t an easy task…by then of it they had become experts in transgenders says Shamir Tandon who formed the group for YRF


Each one of them is a natural born singer only their vocals had to be trained. Their look was designed by Niharika Bhasin Khan.

Sonu Nigam says, I Have sung with some of the best female singers and am happy to have got a chance to sing with this 6 pack band, happy to be a part of it. He believed that this idea could be a game changer.  

Anushka Sharma has done the voice over for the opening lines of the video.

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