She Never Expected This Response From Her Boyfriend When She Texted Him!

You barely expect weird replies from your boyfriend when you send them n*de pictures. What if you send them the pictures by mistake? Well, you ought to be careful while showing your parts online as it could easily go viral as well. It only takes one snapshot to forward to friends. Do you trust your man enough?

Amanda got to be careful

Or her boyfriend's friends are going to know all about his girlfriend, right?

Caught Her!

Well, she might have been sending to someone else or the guy is just crazy to think so.


Why should she apologize when she has the will to live her life the way she wants , right?

Now that's ugly!

It doesn't look like he misses her anymore and well, why should he when he has other women to chill out with.

It Wasn't Me

So, first she sends it to wrong person and second, she denies that the girl in the pic is her. Maybe the guy would need better explanation.


Seems like Janice would be bit disappointed to know that he already has someone to take showers with.

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