Shah Rukh Khan Hired A Female Escort – The Reason Behind It Is Quite Shocking! -


March 22, 2017

Shah Rukh Khan Hired A Female Escort – The Reason Behind It Is Quite Shocking!

Shah Rukh Khan Hired A Female Escort – The Reason Behind It Is Quite Shocking!
Shah Rukh Khan, the popular Super Star in Bollywood had massive fan following across the country and even in abroad as well. Most of them term SRK as the world’s leading superstar. Due to his immense fan following, he had to confront some problems in some cases. He finally ends up with scars and nail marks throughout his neck and face. In the recent times, at the popular India Today Conclave, SRK had unveiled that he appointed female bodyguards. By citing his huge female fan following, SRK mentioned that women will usually have lengthy nails and their love and affection hurts.
SRK has great humour and he is quite well-known for making funny statements. He once again made such witty statements regarding his troubles. When he gets scars and scratch marks on his body or face, his situation turns out quite burdensome. He himself revealed that he had to explain to his wife and his loving kids about the scars and from where he got those scars on his body. It is such an arduous condition for him. In order to overcome that situation, SRK had hired few female bodyguards. This is because; if male bodyguards push the female fans, it would be quite rude handling them.
SRK Explains About Being Famous
As he had huge following, Shah Rukh Khan had to appoint female escorts for his lady fans. After that, he spoke about being popular and famous as a celebrity. He had explained in detail about the rules and regulations of being famous. If you are famous, you need to make sure that your aroma is quite good, brush your teeth cleanly and ensure softness of your hair. You need to check out all these things prior to stepping out of your home.
This is because; if you go out with bad smell ejecting from your body then it would become a fusspot. In the video, you can see funny conversation between the host and SRK. He explained everything in detail like his lady bodyguards, about being famous and also revealed his problems at the time of explaining his kids and wife regarding the nail marks. He also mentioned about the day when SRK’s car moved onto the feet of a journalist. All those things that SRK shared at the India Today Conclave 2017 seem quite funny and witty for all the audience and even the hosts as well.

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