Relive Coke studio’s afreen with Maher Malik -


March 23, 2017

Relive Coke studio’s afreen with Maher Malik

Relive Coke studio’s afreen with Maher Malik
No doubt Maher Malik is an ace belly dancer, but we bet you could have never imagined belly dancing on this song. She relived the entire song. With her superb body language and those moves she just made us go awww. Those impeccable beat change to her flowing hair along with the moves was just treat to eyes. Maher malik does like to go with the flow. Her this spirit of challenging the comfy attitude has made her so different.
She shared the post along with this message.

This song is definitely one of Javed Akhtar and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s bests. Written, composed and sung beautifully and this rendition by Rahet Fateh Ali Khan is surprisingly amazing with nuances that only he could have could have achieved. Coming straight from coke studio Pakistan this has got to be a song that completely captures your heart. Meher’s performance is a lyrical interpretation of the wordings while interplaying with the melody and percussive instruments. Based on the arabic concept of Tarab, where the dancer and music become one to reach a place of ecstacy shared by both the artists as well as the audience. Hopefully this performance comes slightly close to the perfection of the song which is an almost impossible task.

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