Police Files A Case Against The 12 Year-old Kerala Boy Who Became India’s Youngest Father

Police Files A Case Against The 12 Year-old Kerala Boy Who Became India’s Youngest Father
Wonders often happen in this world. Upon looking at the title of this article, you might become quite astonished. A 12-year old boy from Kerala had become a father. This news seems to appear as something impossible and unbelievable. If you don’t believe in us, just head over to read the post completely and check out the details.
At first, everyone will question about the strength and power of the boy as he is still in his young age not even crossed his teenage. Despite the news seems implausible but when we check out the DNA report and the potency test, it showed that the boy is the actual father of that baby. This incident took place in the state of Kerala. This incident actually comes into limelight when the victim girl has complained that she has severe stomach pain. Immediately, the girl carried to the hospital.
Here’s the complete story!
The family members are not aware about the pregnancy of the girl till the doctors confirmed about her conceive news. This 12-year old kid had made everyone astonish by listening to the news of becoming a father. He had turned out as the youngest father of the country, India. This boy allegedly started a relationship with his 17 year old cousin. Due to their intimacy, the teenage girl has become pregnant.
As per the reports from the Police, the 12 year boy and 17 year girl’s were actually cousins who live in same house. The father of the girl had abandoned the teenage girl and her mother previously. This is the reason; the duo had to live along with the boy’s parents in same house. At first, the girl’s mother has complained against the boy saying that the boy raped her daughter. When recorded the statement of the boy, they have complained that the girl had ostensibly intimated with the boy.
The Police had filed the case against the girl under POSCO Act (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences). About 4 months back, the girl had delivered the baby and then, the police had come to know about this shocking news. Dr. P k Jabbar, the Head of Endocrinology Department of Medical College Hospital from Thiruvananthapuram have found out that this boy had a condition namely Precocious Puberty. If children have that condition, they will acquire puberty at a small age. As of now, the Child Welfare committee is conducting counselling for the boy as well as the girl.

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