Pictures Or A Mirror: Which One Shows The Real You? -


March 19, 2017

Pictures Or A Mirror: Which One Shows The Real You?

Pictures Or A Mirror: Which One Shows The Real You?
One must accept that the person we see in a mirror is just different from his/her pictures. As if, the camera uses a number of filters to show another version of us. In this article, we will understand which is the closer version of us: a picture or a reflection. We will also help you understand why we have a different perception for our pictures from our mirror reflections.
Psychology Says
Psychologists suggest that our environment affects our looks. A mirror reflection is something which appears when you are in an easy going environment and you feel confident about yourself. On the other hand, a version of you in pictures come when you are out somewhere, surrounded with other people. The situation itself is a very tense and under-confident one.
Difference in Angle
Every day you watch your reflection from the same spot when a mirror is considered into account and somehow you started liking yourself in that way. But photographs are captured from various angles and thus doesn’t show the better version of you.
White Balance
In a mirror, we never notice the temperature diversity as our brain is trained enough to take care of these things but in photographs, lighting matters a lot.
Difference in Focus
In a mirror, we observe a particular part of our body. But in pictures, you get to know a lot about you from the posture to your expression, then to your hand gestures and everything.
Inverted Reflections
A mirror reflection of yours is an inverted one. While a photograph shows the real you, a version of you which shows how you appear in front of other people.

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