Parents Are No Less Than Their Kids- These Text Messages Prove It -


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March 18, 2017

Parents Are No Less Than Their Kids- These Text Messages Prove It

Parents Are No Less Than Their Kids- These Text Messages Prove It
Ever since Internet has come to our lives, it has benefited us. However, there at times when hilarious situations have been created because of the internet. Now Parents are no behind and they have equally learned the art of Social media apps. Gone are the days of Text messaging, now Whatsapp, Hike and Facebook messages pops up. Even in family, Parents and Kids might not talk on face but they are seen chatting to each other and in groups sitting next to each other.
This has really distorted the generation gap. You cannot tell who belongs to which generation. Likewise, now parents behave in our manner especially when it comes to messaging. Some of them are so hilarious that you cannot imagine the situation what the kids or parents have went through in reality. Be it short messages, short typos or emojis, parents have nailed it totally. The Kids now behave like parents and parents have become children. Mobile Phones have made it rather a funny conversation between parents and children. Make sure you do not come in this category because that can be scary as well as hillarious.
Although it is good that parents are learning new technology and they should remain updated but at times it creates such situations, which are laughable after a point of time. In fact the text-messaging thing have made many children embarrassed of their technophobic parents.There are some of the parents who want to flaunt their new skill learning and in turn does something embarrassing. These are severe Parent-children bloopers because of parents misunderstanding the tech-savvy apps and their updated features.
Let us look at some of these funny texting between parents and children.
                                                                                                                                      Image Source

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