PARCHED – Bollywood!!! Definitely Not. -


March 23, 2017

PARCHED – Bollywood!!! Definitely Not.

PARCHED – Bollywood!!! Definitely Not.
I’ve no words for this kind of cinema that drenches you in the misery; corners you, your thoughts and makes you think if this is the country you live in. Our concrete jungles, the lives we live; probably keeps us so engrossed in our own world that we would not even know what is happening next door forget other states. We have seen stars promoting tourism be it Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujrat or whatsoever; Movies like Parched gets you closer to their mirror throwing it on your face, to what it takes to be a Women in these states. Underprivileged is the word that itself stands deprived to use; to define their state Parched reflects.

Leena Yadav’s earlier Bollywood ventures were indeed parched of good content. Shabd and Teen Patti weren’t watered well. Parched has gone through lot of hiccups reaching to theaters in India. The Film indeed has travelled across festivals and have won accolades of awards and appreciation. But does Parched contains good content? The film showcased around the world; does it reflect India rightly? Is this how we would like others to see India? Alas, this is how probably it is.

Parched a story set somewhere in Rajasthan to what it looks like. Somewhere Interiors; so interior that the village they lived in, had mobile phones, however, were deprived of television yet. The source of entertainment to fulfill their wild night desires was Surveen Chawla’s Thumka’s or her indecent prostitution. Surveen Chawla is in the skin of her character she plays; Indeed a Bijli, she really surprises you with her performance; with her performance crafted so well that she will end up make you feel her misery as well, that’s where the director succeeds.

Lajjo (Radhika Apte) & Rani (Tanishtha Chatterjee) are soulful friends living and sharing their moments of misery, successfully making you part of it too. Lajjo is married and her irony of not being able to conceive haunts her labeling her as “Baanj” Hindi word for Parched. Rani is a widow for more than half of the time she was married; has a son that is ludicrous. Rani sets his marriage almost a child marriage where neither the girl nor the boy has reached their puberty forget maturity to get wedlock are enforced in a marriage with reverse dowry comes as a real surprise. In Hindu tradition, I’ve not come across guys paying dowry to girl’s family. Rani’s daughter-in-law’s misery is a separate story. That is an add-on misery passed on to you making you feel awful. You just can’t decide what happened is a misery to the groom or misery to the bride; you just live the misery.

Rani shines in her character, her outbreak of desires will give you shivers down your spine. Her humor, her caller-tune, the phone vibration playing vibrator will corner you somewhere in your seat with a witty smile but you know its all made up. Director does try to bring in some light moments but they are well covered, well layered in the characters that are so strong that their misery doesn’t let it set free till the end for you to feel good or smile.

The 3 women characters are so well defined that they leave no space for you to breathe and think anything else. They suffocate you; the execution is hard and is right on your face. The challenges each of them face may not be so new to you; but the success of their execution is where Leena Yadav stands tall.

Lajjo loses herself to a man outside her marriage to conceive and see who is infertile. Yet she tries to bring in the solace; allowing her man to keep the ego, asking him to accept the child and live with dignity in the so called Panchayat. But it hit hard the Indian man to accept the infertility, he brings in the domestic abuse again. Situational execution occurs and sets Lajjo free. Radhika Apte is Smita Patil of this era showcasing her brilliance yet again.

Rani detaches herself from his son, sets her daughter-in-law with her love; coming out strong liberating herself to her secret admirer that never gets to get any screen presence but is wonderful disguise of SRK following Rani till the end.

Bijli doesn’t escapes in spite of several offers from her sought after pimp to be. But escapes when approached by Rani and Lajjo at the end to ring in the climax; showcasing the strength of the bonding a friendship can bring in.

The trio come together to create some abusive words son-fucker and what not; venting out themselves but suffocating the audience. The trio ring-in the climax together liberating themselves and head somewhere that remains uncertain.  The end credits start rolling.

My friend asked if I liked the movie and I had no answer. All I could say was I felt lot of discomfort. I was suffocated throughout. To that he added I was able to connect with PINK coz it was modern. Modern or not; I don’t know; Be it in interiors or be it metros, I don’t know, if I would like to showcase my India like this, our India like this.

Living in Mumbai is quite like a bubble go take the burst and decide how you would rate Parched. I’m not rating it.

PK Verdict: NOT RATED.

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