New Release: Watch Awesome Song “Tu Hai” -


March 24, 2017

New Release: Watch Awesome Song “Tu Hai”

New Release: Watch Awesome Song “Tu Hai”
Presenting Jammin’s fourth track, ‘Tu Hai’ – a party anthem in collaboration with the legendary composer duo Salim Sulaiman and Jonita Gandhi.
The play is about a wife and a husband who love each other and the way they misunderstood and thinking about their life with doubts and every lyric in this song shows that they got separated from each other physically but they are still connected in their thoughts.
The love they have between them and the fight they had and the memories makes them miss each other. The lyrics are well written by shradda pandit and dhiren garg has a depth and are touching. The music provided by salim-sulaiman has a good beat which has a dj feel. The video is unique which is played in rewind and the costumes are highlight. The actors and the singers did their best to show the expressions according to the lyrics
This will be the best dj beat of this year and there are several views in YouTube and in other media. And jonita Gandhi did her best again and her amazing voice made the song a highlight.

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