Meet 10 Youngest Parents In The History Of Human Kind -


March 20, 2017

Meet 10 Youngest Parents In The History Of Human Kind

Meet 10 Youngest Parents In The History Of Human Kind
This is a list which is covering 10 of the youngest parents from all over the world. From a 10-year old girl getting impregnated by her 15-year old boyfriend to an another case where an 11-year old girl got raped by her distant cousin and getting pregnant afterwards. Have a look at them here.
  1. The Belgium Kid
A 13-year old boy knocked up one of her schoolmates whose pregnancy was got noticed by her mother. The mother found out about the girl’s pregnancy when she starts noticing that the girl is gaining weight all of a sudden. Mother asked her daughter to follow a strict diet to maintain her weight, but when there was no result, they headed for a doctor where they got to know the 12-year girl is pregnant.
  1. Shaun and Emma
An 11-year kid, Shaun tasted fatherhood very early when he impregnated his neighbour Emma. Something happened between the two kids, and after nine months Shaun became a father to Ben Lewis just after his 12th birthday. This happened in 199-98. Now, Shaun and Emma separated their ways. Emma Webster is happily married to a guy.
  1. Samantha Goodman
The 10-year got pregnant by an unknown boy. It happened during a party when all the children were engaged in playing hide and seek. Samantha and this 12-year boy got one hiding place in the library where they a picture of a man and woman doing something. They tried what they saw, and that is how Samantha got pregnant.
  1. Valentina Isaeva
Valentina was 11-year old when she gave birth to a baby with her boyfriend who was of 14-years at that time. It is an incident took place in Tajikistan. The girl concealed her pregnancy for about 4 months for which she started wearing loose tops in school. But one day she fell sick in school and was took to a hospital after which she was never got back to school.
  1. Dafne
She is a 9-year old. In 2013, Dafne became a mother to a baby girl with her 14-year boyfriend. A search team is looking for a now 17-year father of the baby girl.
  1. Kordeza and Jeliazo
In 2009, in Bulgaria, Kordeza, an 11-year kid gave birth a baby girl. She had a boyfriend of 19-year with whom she has conceived the child after one week of their meeting.
  1. San Miguel Girl
An Argentinian girl of 11-year got raped by her 15-year distant cousin after which she gave birth to a baby.
  1. Paulina A
She is of age 10 when she conceived.
  1. Alfie and Tyler
A 13-year old boy became a father of a baby child with is a 15-year old girlfriend. But, after DNA reports came it was confirmed that the child belongs to another teenager.
  1. N
A 10-year old girl who was named N conceived a child.

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