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March 18, 2017

Kunal Kapoor Transformed His Body Into An Excellent Man Beast For ‘Veeram’ Mov

Kunal Kapoor Transformed His Body Into An Excellent Man Beast For ‘Veeram’ Movie

In the recent times, he had transformed his body as an overweight father with middle-age look for Dangal movie. This is truly a drastic transformation and a challenge for actors to play with their body. In order to portray themselves and fit perfect in the character, the actors are struggling a lot. Now, the entire Bollywood film industry is speaking about another such actor, Kunal Kapoor.
This actor has now become the talk of the town for transforming his body in an impressive manner. Earlier, the actor Kunal had delivered utmost performance in some of the movies like Rang De Basanti, Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana and the recent Dear Zindagi. Kunal had transformed his body for his upcoming flick Veeram. Here are some of the pictures of Kunal Kapoor wherein we can witness his amazing physique. Have a look!
Kunal Kapoor’s Body Transformation for Veeram
The young actor Kunal Kapoor had recently posted some of his pictures on the micro blogging website, Twitter. The actor shared his excellent body transformation pictures for his next flick Veeram. On Twitter, he updated the status as “6 months, 23 days, 12 hours and 232 protein shakes later! #transforms. Apart from Twitter, the actor also posted some of his work-outs pictures on the Instagram application. Through the pictures that he had posted on Instagram, he had given some hints to his fans regarding his transformation. On Instagram, he posted that he is the crouching tiger who works hard for becoming stronger and stronger.
In order to get such a drastic transformation, the actor must and should require extreme hard work and dedication as well. He had posted another image standing before a mirror and says that he has now started with the man appearing in the mirror. As part of the work-outs, Kunal Kapoor also practised sword fighting and posted a picture having sword in the hand. For the film Veeram, he also acquired sword coaching. The look of the actor in the picture shows the warriors’ way for Veeram. For the film, Kunal will feature in two different looks. The story shows warrior from 16th century. Just wait for more and more pictures of Kunal’s body transformation.

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