Is This The Reason Why Shilpa Shetty Did Not Marry Akshay Kumar? -


March 24, 2017

Is This The Reason Why Shilpa Shetty Did Not Marry Akshay Kumar?

Is This The Reason Why Shilpa Shetty Did Not Marry Akshay Kumar?
Akshay Kumar is one of the most popular actors from Bollywood film industry. It is quite common for actors to involve in alleged affairs and scandals with other actresses from the industry. Now, the sizzling beauty Shilpa Shetty had disclosed some shocking news about her relationship with Akshay Kumar. Yes, you heard it right! Akshay Kumar had numerous love affairs with many of the actresses during those days. The Singh is Kinng actor had relationship with the actress Shilpa Shetty. Shilpa, herself had revealed this news about their relationship.
After several months of break-up, Shilpa had unveiled some interesting things about their love relationship. Shilpa said that the hero had used her and finally left her in a convenient way. Shilpa boozed up Akshay on her social media account. All these things happened long back. As of now, both these actors married their loving ones. Shilpa Shetty married to a businessman Raj Kundra while the actor Akshay Kumar married other actress Twinkle Khanna. Both the actors are currently enjoying their respective lives with their loving spouse. Here are some things that Shilpa Shetty had revealed about her past love relationship with Akshay Kumar. Have a look!
Shocking Things Shilpa Revealed about Akshay
During their relationship, Shilpa had gone through a challenging period in her personal life. Now, Shilpa is quite happy that the nightmare is no more. After every bad thing that happens in our life, we will definitely come across good things as well. We have now realised that Shilpa had relationship with Akshay Kumar. When Shilpa shared her experiences with Akshay Kumar after their break-up she said that she had some reason for her to become upset about their relation and breakup as well.
If you love some person and if you still don’t understand that you are thunderstruck then it could become quite irritating for us. During the making of the film Dhadkan, Shilpa had gone through rough times and felt like when the film making completes. She doesn’t wish her producers feel for her personal life issues. So, she had to wait till the release of Dhadkan.
In the recent times Akshay told Shilpa not to make such kind of jokes about their relationship earlier in public. She then said that it is the opinion of Akshay and not her. She couldn’t even reveal the things that what he had done with Shilpa back in her life. Shilpa don’t have any kind of regrets for her breakup decision with Akshay. She also wished other actresses to keep away from him. She had finally announced that she will never ever work with Akshay in her professional life.

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