Is Kapil Sharma Planning To Get Married? All You Need To Know About His Girlfriend Ginni -


March 21, 2017

Is Kapil Sharma Planning To Get Married? All You Need To Know About His Girlfriend Ginni

Is Kapil Sharma Planning To Get Married? All You Need To Know About His Girlfriend Ginni
Kapil Sharma, the popular comedian, host and anchor is currently conflicting with Sunil Grover. The dispute between the actors ended up into a physical fight in front of the public. Since some long time, some misunderstandings have been going on between Kapil and Sunil. As of now, Kapil is hosting his own show on the Sony Entertainment namely ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.
Kapil had signed for this show with Sony Entertainment channel that earlier started airing from the year 2016. These days, Kapil Sharma is appearing on the news for different reasons. Currently, the whole internet is gossiping about Kapil and his girlfriend Ginni. Today, some interesting news has revealed about Kapil and Ginni. Just read the below article to know the relation between Kapil Sharma and his girlfriend Ginni Chatrath. Here is everything you need to know about the couple!
Kapil Sharma and Ginni Chatrath’s Love
Kapil Sharma becomes sneaky when asked about his personal life. However, rumours are quite common on popular celebrities in the film industry. Since a long time, rumours regarding the personal life of Kapil had spread across the web and the internet. Until today, everyone has believed the rumours on the web. After long speculation, the Comedy king Kapil Sharma has revealed some interesting things about his love life and the girl in his life.
On the official Twitter account, Kapil Sharma had tweeted that there is something beautiful and interesting news for all the peeps that he would reveal in 30 minutes. Just as mentioned, Kapil had uploaded a picture featuring Kapil and his girlfriend Ginni Chatrath or Bhavneet Chatrath. In his Twitter post, Kapil tweeted as:
“Will not say she is my better half… She completes me… love u Ginni… Please welcome her… I love her so much :)”
The ultimate revelation of Kapil Sharma about his girlfriend has raised plethora of doubts among the fans and other people. The common doubt of all people is ‘Who is Ginni Chatrath?’
Interesting Facts about Kapil & Ginni
Here are some of the interesting news about Kapil and Ginni and their love relationship.
  • The couple knew each other since their college days in Jalandhar in the state of Punjab.
  • The rumours regarding Kapil and his co-star Sumona Chakravarti and the director Preeti Simoes hadn’t shown any kind of impact on the bond between Kapil and Ginni.
  • After their marriage, Ginni handles the production house of Kapil, K9 Productions.
  • Once, Ginni and Kapil flicked on the show namely Has Baliye. But, none of them knew their relationship.

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