Husband Breaks down After Learning His Wife Was Actually Born a Man -


March 21, 2017

Husband Breaks down After Learning His Wife Was Actually Born a Man

Husband Breaks down After Learning His Wife Was Actually Born a Man
There is a popular adage “Marriages are made in Heaven.” The actual meaning of this statement is that irrespective of our involvement, the God has already decided the couple to finally become partners on the earth. During early times, people who married to some person either man or woman endured to maintain long term relationship regardless of their quarrels and disputes. But, these days, the span of being in marriage relationship has become pretty less. Whether it is an arranged marriage or love marriage, it has become impossible for people to stay together all through their lifetime.
When the current generation folks look at our grandparents or parents, we wonder how it could become possible for them to maintain their relationship forever. It’s become pretty much common for people to take divorce in matter of seconds. In some situations, divorce is the best solution for the couple. Some of the situations where divorce considered justifying are domestic violence, cheating and a lot more. Just have a glimpse over the complete story of a man from Belgian. After 20 years of married life, this Belgium man found that his wife was actually a man when born. Here is the entire story!
Story of Belgium Man and Indonesian Woman
A man from Belgium named Jan married a woman named Monica and continued their relationship for about 19 years. Jan is 64 years old whereas Monica is from Indonesia. She worked as au pair (a young foreign person, most probably woman who assists in some kind of household work and kids care in swap for accommodation, food and some money.) Before the marriage of Jan and Monica, she worked as au pair.
They married each other in the year 1993 and their wedding charged with some legal snags. The immigration authority officials of Belgium have some critical doubts about the verity of Monica’s birth and other immigration papers. In some interview with the Belgium newspaper, Jan said that he had brought his wife to Belgium but in a difficult manner. The court of Belgium has several issues about the authenticity of Monica’s birth and her identity documents. However, the officials have accepted everything and let them move to Belgium. He said that she has great appealing power just like other woman. Also, she doesn’t have any kind of features like male persons. Jan felt that he was outraged because of her cheating.
No Children
Even, at the time of sex, he hadn’t detected any kind of male traits. As Jan married her second time, he had two children from his earlier marriage. This couple doesn’t have kids. Monica counterfeited him as if she menstruates every month using some sanitary towels. She took the responsibility as a big sister to his two kids.
Truth Divulged
The actual problem started when his oldest son happened to see Monica at nightclubs with her stomach area totally exposed. Also, Monica nabbed with romantic texts on her PC with some other men. The rumours on Monica started as she is a transgender woman. He then demanded her to reveal the truth. She then disclosed the fact that she turned out as a woman from a man. The couple have then divorced after their marriage relationship of 19 years.

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