How Street Dogs Helped The Delhi Police Solve A Murder Case -


March 26, 2017

How Street Dogs Helped The Delhi Police Solve A Murder Case

Dogs are known for their unique power of smell. Anything fishy and they can easily detect it and raise an alarm. No wonder they are the best guards.

Even street dogs in a neighborhood keep the locality safe. And, as it has now emerged, they can also help nab crack cases.

A man called Mohammed Anis allegedly killed his wife Nargis. The incident reportedly happened in Delhi’s Sangam Vihar locality. He was later caught.

But when the police discovered what exactly happened after he killed his wife made them praise street dogs.

It so happened that Anis tried to dump his wife’s body in the nearby forest after killing her. When he was trying to take the body, street dogs started barking at Anis.
Their ferociousness and the fact that neighbors would be alarmed frightened Anis and he ran off leaving the body not far from his house.
The residents of the area informed the police, which then caught Anis.

An armed police dog squad in Bengaluru. Dogs are trained by security agencies for various security related reasons such as detect and rescue.PTI/Shailendra Bhojak
When the police learned from Anis of what the dogs had done, they admitted to IANS that cracking the case would have been difficult had the man been able to dispose of the body.

So how can dogs identify a dead body?

Scientists are still trying to figure that out but they are certain that it is one or more of the 478 different chemical compounds that a dead body starts secreting which are dogs are able to smell.

Sharbendu De/Mashable
In fact dogs are so good at identifying dead bodies that they can tell whether the remains are that of a human or an animal.

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