Here Are Some Of The Craziest Orders Customers Made at Restaurants -


March 18, 2017

Here Are Some Of The Craziest Orders Customers Made at Restaurants

Here Are Some Of The Craziest Orders Customers Made at Restaurants

If you have a crazy taste in food, then you can meet new buddies through this article who have the same crazy taste as yours.   We are presenting some craziest orders customers made at different restaurants.
  1. Girl who loves spice crazily
Once a girl visited a restaurant and ordered for a spicy dish ever.  The chefs took it as a challenge and made a dish that is spiciest at its best.  Other customers at other tables complained of the smell, but the girl who ordered the dish enjoyed every bite of the dish to her hearts’ content without leaving a trace.
  1. Like a kid
This time it is not the order that was weird, but the request post the order made by the customer.  One of the customers asked the server to chew up the food and put it back onto the place.  It is such a weird situation as the customer is totally health with good teeth, young and even has no medical issues.
  1. Omelet without egg
It is summer and a customer came in and ordered spinach and feta cheese omelet.  She then asked not to use egg to make omelet.  The waiter then clarified that she wanted an omelet without eggs, not made with egg whites which is normal.
  1. Not a filet, but filet
A lady came in and ordered filet mignon.  When the dish was brought she said in disgust that she ordered the filet and not a steak.  She went and argued that a filet mignon was a type of baked potato and not a steak.
  1. Crazy for burnt food
Once a lady ordered tofu scramble burnt.  The chef then cooked it hard, but the lady sent it back saying it was not burnt enough.  The chef cooked it more, but she again sent it back and the chef cooked it more by adding oil.  The dish got burned totally and smelled like a tire fire.  She enjoyed eating the dish and also gave a compliment that she never tasted such a dish in any other restaurant.
  1. Crazy couple
A walked in to a restaurant and wife ordered some meal and asked for ton of changes.  She took a bite and sent it back saying that she does not like it.  Husband ordered $60 lobster plate and the tail is sprinkled with pepper.  He asks to take it back and wants a new one without pepper.
  1. Chilled cheese
Customer asks for cold grilled cheese and when asked if it should be uncooked, she replies “No! Cook it, just serve it cold!”
  1. Long straw
There is this man who is 35-year-old who always whines that the straws were too long for cups.
  1. Expect the unexpected
Lady comes and orders mac and cheese, sends it back saying that there was cheese in it.
  1. Cold allergy
A woman visits the restaurant and orders milkshake.  She asks for a hot milkshake saying that she had allergy with cold things.  She drinks it well.

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