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March 20, 2017

Her Husband Thought He Was There For A Photoshoot, But When He Turned Around, She Surprized Him

Like many couples get to done their pre-wedding, post-wedding or any sort of photo shoot, a couple even decided to get that done. However, the whole concept turned around in some different way that the girl ended up shocking him literally.
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A Couples Photo-shoot

Bri Dow persuaded her other half that they had won a couples photo shoot. What Brandon wasn’t aware was that his wife and the photographer, Samantha Boos, had conspired to surprise him.

Scribbling On the Board

Bri and Boos had turned up with an idea to let Brandon discover that he was going to be a father soon. They both had to scribble something about their significant other and then display it to each other. “My photographer and I sat down to strategize the minutiae so when we got the park he would have no inkling,” Dow explicated. “Sam by this time had my board completed so she just had Brandon inscribe three nice things on his board.”

The Sweet Disclosure

Brandon penned: “Love, sweet, cute,” And Bri’s board had: “You’re going to be a father soon,” inscribed on it. At that moment, they were asked to swivel round and display each other their boards. Brandon literally had tears in his eye because of happiness, and even the photographer didn’t anticipate such a sweet reaction.

The sweetest photograph ever captured

“Bri and I met each other about a week before the photo shoot and did some brainstorming of how we could innovatively disclose him the good news. We decided on this idea and it really came out fantastic! It was difficult for her not to disclose Brandon when she discovered herself but it was well worth the wait,” Boos stated. “I almost ended up in tears just viewing it unfolds. But it’s difficult to capture anything while crying!”

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