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March 24, 2017

Hats off to Nisar Ahmed.G,We need more people like him!

Hats off to Nisar Ahmed.G,We need more people like him!
Here’s a story you all must read…
On Wednesday evening, I got into an auto from Electronic City. The auto guy, unlike all others, did not ask for any extra money and readily agreed to take me to my destination by the meter. When we reached the destination, I paid the guy in a hurry and walked off. Ten minutes later I realized I was missing something …..YES, it was my bag with my laptop and some important documents in it.
I panicked, called my husband and we contacted some traffic cops standing by the side of the road. They asked me questions about the auto number (which I had no clue of), the guy’s appearance, where I was coming from etc. and finally directed us to the nearest police station.
We got to the police station to lodge an FIR and had another round of questioning which resulted in the police man telling us to come back the next day with the laptop bill and only then would he lodge the FIR.
We came out of the police station and realized that someone was frantically trying to call both our numbers. So finally Dhruv picked up the phone and the guy on the other side said out my mobile number and asked him whose number it was. When Dhruv said, “It’s my wife’s number”, the guy on the other side said “Sir, madam ka bag mere auto main reh gaya tha. Main ghar pahuncha toh bag dekha…. Aap kahan ho? Main aakar de deta hoon”…IT WAS THE AUTO GUY!!
He had actually taken the trouble of looking through the documents in the bag to find my number and contact us. An hour later, he returned with the laptop bag and I offered him some money as a reward which he refused to accept. Somehow forcibly gave him the money and thanked him…but couldn’t have thanked him enough.
And then we have an opinion about Auto Walas being the most horrible people around.
NISAR AHMED proved that there is always an EXCEPTION. Hats Off to his honesty!
Hats off to Nisar Ahmed.G (an auto wala) who made my day and saved me a lot of trouble by returning my laptop that I forgot in his auto

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