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March 20, 2017

Haraamkhor – Take this Abuse.

Haraamkhor – Take this Abuse.
Director Shlok Sharma who has assisted Anurag Kashyap on DevD & Gangs of Wasseypur gives a movie that adds a feather on the hats of many people. Already won at the New York Indian Film Festival the film indeed lives up to its title well. But if you think this one is gonna move any soul – it will not. Haraamkhor is a pure entertainer where characters shine in their roles and each one performs well giving you a good doze of entertainment. It is a love story which undergoes various layers of emotions well depicted along with some great wit keeping a smile on your face throughout; making you go crazy at time making you laugh out loud with their sheer presentation. Yet they leave you craving for more at the end making you wander what happened leaving you disappointed towards the end.   Not giving you much of the plot as this is something for you to witness for sheer performances of the characters who make Haraamkhor a recommended watch. Shlok Sharma has brought a story which could be seen as taboo yet it exists. Soon it will exist in cinemas near you- Do take this abuse.
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