Failure, Alcohol and Baba – PDT’s web series BEWADEY (s01ep02) -


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March 21, 2017

Failure, Alcohol and Baba – PDT’s web series BEWADEY (s01ep02)

Failure, Alcohol and Baba – PDT’s web series BEWADEY (s01ep02)
Once or a lot of time (for few) in our life we lose hope and see no further light to look forward and move towards. In such times people come out as real self, as Tom Cruz says “desperate time, desperate measures”. people do take some desperate moves few perish to drugs however some seek divine connection to over come this dark. A nation like Us with diverse religious beliefs, always seek answers from the one divine. in our path towards divine we meet or need guides as we don’t know the path, a right guide will take us to our destination but a wrong one might cause a big lose.
BEWADEY, a web series by PDT (purani dili talkies), has released its second episode. its a series about three friends and their daily struggle with life, family, relations and how they conquer their world with personal bonding. this episode is about Gaba, who has found a guide on his journey towards divinity and how it creates tension between these three. first episode has already garnered around 2 million views and second episode runs towards a hilarious climax. don’t give this one a miss, and as the house shouts… zor se bolo #heypdt.

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