Ever Wondered Why Do Some People Never Seem To Get Fat?

Ever Wondered Why Do Some People Never Seem To Get Fat?

We all have one damn friend who defies all the weight gain and laws of calories. Isn’t it? The one who sits among you and put down large size fries and doughnuts and cheeseburger and the staggering amount of spaghetti but never ever gain an ounce.

It cannot be just the sheer luck or does this thin person have some maintenance secret that we need to learn from? A lot comes from genetics on how they are built and their metabolic rate.

Putting all the reasons together: Some people never seem to get fat because their metabolic rate dynamically increases in order to burn that extra energy.

  1. Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT):  Simply moving around  at work or standing often increase energy outgo, accelerating your metabolic rate up by 50%”

  1. Genetic Factors: A set of human genes in chromosome-16 also influences the body weight,  those with the duplication of the chromosome are skinny”

     High Metabolic Rate: Those with high BMR burn more calories as compared to ones with slow BMR and as a result, these individuals don’t put on weight despite eating large amounts of foods. BMR decreases with age and increases with an increase in muscle mass.

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