Ever Wondered What Happens To You When You Don’t Poop For Three Weeks?

Ever Wondered What Happens To You When You Don’t Poop For Three Weeks?
What is going to happen if you avoid pooping for weeks? This is not a joke, this is a serious issue and you need to act immediately on it. If you don’t then the situation will get worse by bloating, cramps and even back pain. Bowel movement is a regular process but if by any chance there is a hindrance in your bowel movement for about three weeks then this is a medical condition. This medical condition needs immediate healthcare personnel’s treatment.
There is a medical term called impacted bowel which defines that a huge lump of dry poop is stuck inside your rectum. The consequences of impacted bowel or fecal impaction are that your body becomes a house to poisonous substances and toxins. As your body is supposed to eject all these substances out of your system and because of no bowel movement, your body starts holding onto these toxic elements.
This can be treated, you need to visit a doctor and tell him/her about your condition. The doctor will probably start your treatment with an enema. With this treatment, the doctor might need to remove the solid stool manually. Sometimes, a medical surgery is required.
Once the problem is solved, you need to be treated in such a way that such kind of medical condition doesn’t occur to you in future.

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