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March 25, 2017

Director Finalized Cast For Dhoom 4: Did You Know Who Is The Villain This Time?

In the year 2004, director Sanjay Gadhavi, released an action packed movie, ‘Dhoom’ with leading stars like Abhishek Bachchan, Esha Deol and John Abraham in negative role. The movie was an instant hit as the concept revolved around a cop and an unseen thief who planned each and every theft in banks meticulously with zero error and till the end is never caught. And from there on began the sequel of the movie with the actor Hrithik Roshan as villain in Dhoom 2 and Aamir khan as villain in Dhoom 3. The buzz is that director is once again coming back with it’s next sequel Dhoom 4. As the news is on fire for the new sequel, people are wondering who the villain is this time around. Read on to know the villain and guess what, the cop too is going to be changed in the upcoming sequel :

Blockbuster Dhoom Is Back Again

Remember the blockbuster Dhoom with the dashing stars like John Abraham in part 1, breath taking Hrithik Roshan, part 2 and the super star Aamir Khan part 3, playing the baddies in a complete camouflaged glamorous avatars. The good news is the movie is back again with its next sequel.

The Exciting News Is

For all those of you who are wondering who the villain is this time around, well the news is out here. It is being said that for Dhoom 4, actor Shahrukh khan has been roped in.

And The Cop Is

Apart from this, there buzz is that this time the role of cop will be played by actor ‘Ranveer Singh’. In the previous three parts the role of the cop was played by ‘Abhishek Bachchan’.

Salman Khan Was Offered The Role Of Baddie Too

Actor Salman Khan too was approached by the director to play the role of a baddie for Dhoom 4 however he refused since he does not like play a negative character.

It Will Be Great To See The Two Superstars Sharing The Screen

If the buzz is to be believed, seeing SRK in cool and stylish villain and Ranveer in a cop’s role and having the two together will be an awesome treat for audience to watch for.

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