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March 19, 2017

Did The Secrets Society Of Nine Unknown Men Really Existed?

Did The Secrets Society Of Nine Unknown Men Really Existed?

Humankind is filled with a lot of secrecy and mysterious societies. This kind of things works parallel to our civilization within an underground structure. One of such an alleged societies consisted 9 mysterious men guarding the whole humankind against gaining the destructive knowledge of the universe. They are supposed to be protecting the ancient secrets from us. Here are those nine unknown mysterious men.
In 237 BC, the Nine Unknown Men came into existence. It happened after Emperor Asoka had a battle with Kalinga. Somehow, after this battle The Shining Star, Emperor Asoka realized and regretted his deeds of mass killing and senseless bloodshed. This battle transformed Emperor Asoka from a cold-blooded emperor to a someone who wanted to integrate the world instead of destroying it.
He converted to Buddhism and traveled most of the places such as Mongolia, China, Tibet, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaya, and Ceylon to spread the word of Buddhism. After his realization, he understood that there will be a time when humankind will understand how to use their intelligence more effectively, and they will be putting their intelligence in scientific discoveries that might turn into evil. The evil that might cause the destruction of the whole humankind. That is when he came up with nine trustworthy men of his who will protect our world from getting ahead of our time.
The nine unknown men were the part of a secret society build by Emperor Asoka who will not let anybody misuse the accumulated knowledge. These nine men were the trusted disciples of science and each was given a book with the accumulated knowledge from nine different fields.
A few of the writers wrote about this secret society. A French writer Jacolliot from 19th century wrote about the existence of the nine unknown men. There was another British writer, Talbot Mundy, wrote in detail about this secret society in his book ‘The Nine Unknown’.
Is this secret society a part of someone’s imagination which is going on for centuries or a concept living in real-time with us? Decide on your own.

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