Confessions From Bridesmaid That Are Just Too Funny -


March 19, 2017

Confessions From Bridesmaid That Are Just Too Funny

Confessions From Bridesmaid That Are Just Too Funny

  1. Obligatory sickness
“First of all, you need to know that I am very light. And by ‘light’ I mean that it would take me more time than a feather falls from my bed to the floor. So now, the story is about the obligatory pre-wedding champagne that I was supposed to drink as a bridesmaid. But believe me, I was not up for it. Still, I obliged and had it. Trying to keep it together, I was getting my dress on along with the hair and makeup.
“We all were in the car, heading to the place when started feeling it in my stomach, throat and my mouth. Still, I was holding it together and we finally reached. But the walk down the aisle became like I was trying to beatbox with burps, cough, and hiccup. And then, it all came out! I threw up in front of everyone in attendance.”
-Claire, 22
  1. Said it all
“You know, sometimes alcohol can make you confess things that you can’t even think. And this is exactly what happened with one of the bridesmaids last year. At my friend’s hen party, one bridesmaid got so drunk that she confessed to having feelings for the husband to be in front of the bride. We all were there trying to handle the awkward situation whole night.
“But it all became funnier next day when that girl was not even able to remember a single word she said. So, we all decided to shut our mouths and let her struggle for the truth. And we all knew what she was thinking while standing at the altar and watching her crush marry her friend!”
-Gemma, 25

  1. The stripper had too much for the aunt
“I understood my responsibilities as a Maid of Honor. So, like any responsible Maid of Honor, I decided to embarrass the bride in front of her sister, friends, mother and aunt. At the small hen party, I called a buff male stripper. Thinking that the audience had already seen ‘everything’, calling a stripper didn’t feel any strange to me. But I was wrong….
“The male stripped came and started his show. As the show went on, the impressive features of the stripper made the bride’s aunt too uncomfortable that she fainted. And it was not an ordinary fainting scene from a serious movie. It was an aunt fainting scene from a comedy movie! She literally hit her head on the hard wooden floor. Moreover, being the only man in the place, the naked stripper carried her to the car. We had to take her to the hospital from there.”
-Emily, 27
  1. Lighted the ceremony with my fire
“It was the wedding of my best friend and I was her chief bridesmaid. I got really emotional that day! She was looking so beautiful and pretty in her dress. In fact, I was also killing it with my well-styled hair and beautiful dress until my hair caught fire. Now, you know why I got emotional. My hair got too close to the candles lining in the church and before I could react I became the candle!
“It took a lot of patting before the service started again. But all I could think of after that is to see myself in a mirror. However, I waited until the whole ceremony.”
-Helen, 25
  1. Hear the sound of my embarrassment
“This is the story of me and my VERY tight dress. I was a bridesmaid and had to get into this tight dress somehow. So, I was in that dress, able to walk but couldn’t do anything beyond that. Then, the time came when I had to bend over to get into the car, so that, we could reach the venue. I bent and a big sound of snap shook the world for a while.
“Everything was out for the world to see, as the back of my dress was completely snapped. The other bridesmaids came to help me after staring for a while. We tried all kinds of things from pin to stitch, but I had to wear a different dress (totally different from other bridesmaids). I was able to breathe after that, which was great!
– Sarah, 28
  1. Became the hairy bridesmaid
“Being in a themed wedding was not so exciting for me. It was a Star Wars theme wedding and I got an amazing role (according to other bridesmaids). I was the tallest of all the girls, so they gave me the role of Chewbacca. The hairy creature that makes weird noises is what I became as a bridesmaid. Can you imagine that?!
“As if the role wasn’t too embarrassing for me, I fainted in the middle of the ceremony. Well, I kind of knew it, as it was boiling hot summer and I was feeling like I was inside a forest of fur.”
-Louise, 28
  1. Roll down the hill
“It was a beautiful summer’s day when my friend was getting married at St. Mary’s in Harrow. This Church was at the top of the hill, giving beautiful views. It couldn’t have been any better….So it got worse!
“As we were walking up the hill, I somehow stepped on the train of the Bride’s dress. She rolled down the hill in her white dress. It literally looked like she was a white wrecking ball.”
-Lucy, 25Image Source
  1. What’s in the cleavage?!
“I was a chief bridesmaid, so I had to look after all of the Bride’s needs. While giving her last minute touch-ups, she gave me the list of vows that she had written on her own. As I couldn’t leave her without getting her ready, I placed her lovely vows in between my breasts.”
“We all were getting late and everybody started calling her, so I completely forgot about the paper into my cleavage. And when the time came to say the vows, the bride started freaking out, because she had totally forgotten that I had the paper. I wasn’t saying anything and wanted to save myself from the embarrassment. But God didn’t want that! After a few minutes, she asked me about the vows, so I had to reach in between my boobs in order to find her vows. The whole place was silent during my digging, which made it more awkward for me.”
-Claire, 31
  1. Don’t want the limelight
“It was the reception of my best friend’s wedding ceremony. The dinner and the speeches were the plans, so the main dinner party sat on a raised platform. As the first guy was about to start his speech, I leaned backward and it was one of the worst decisions of my life. I fell off to the platform, with my seat and wedged between the back wall and the platform.
“People tried helping me out for five to ten minutes, but then, the fire brigade was called. As we all know that this kind of requests take a little while for them to come, so I had to hear all the speeches in that same position. Finally, the firemen arrived and I got out of that awkward position.”
-Hannah, 27

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