Can You Guess Why The Whole World Is Sharing This Photo?

Can You Guess Why The Whole World Is Sharing This Photo?
When a Brazilian citizen, Nelson Felippe posted a photo of two girls on his social media account, it literally became viral within few days of sharing. While many could not get the meaning behind the picture, the actual point took everyone by surprise. Can you see the first photo and guess what this post is all about? Then read what the person who shared actually meant with this photo:
The author of the picture gave it a very intriguing caption with a very unexpected ending.

’What people do when they’re alone is their own business. But if they’re in a public place, then it affects me, too.

People like this are challenging our society, and that’s dangerous. What if something bad happens, or worse, someone gets killed. Whose fault is it then?’ ’…Why do people teach their kids to do this? They’ll end up thinking it’s fine to wait for the train right on the edge of the platform! So don’t do what this guy did…

…stand a safe distance from the edge and embrace each other instead.’

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