Asha Ji’s Badass Retorts To Pakistanis Will Leave You In Shock -


March 21, 2017

Asha Ji’s Badass Retorts To Pakistanis Will Leave You In Shock

Asha Ji’s Badass Retorts To Pakistanis Will Leave You In Shock
Asha Bhosle is the popular singer from India. She is quite well-known playback singer in Bollywood who had sung numerous hit tracks for prominent actors. The 83 years old singer is a boon to the entire film industry. She has an outstanding talent of singing and she mesmerizes every single listener with her spellbinding voice. Through her talent, she had acquired innumerable fan following all over the nation. Asha has given her voice for thousands of beautiful songs all through her singing career. With her amazing skill and ability, Asha has gained massive fame and name all over the country.
As of now, Asha Bhosle appeared on the news for her Jai Hind post on her micro blogging website Twitter. After the Surgical Strike that took place in the month of September in 2016, she tweeted as ‘Jai Hind’ on her Twitter handle. In order to show her support to the Indian army, Asha Bhosle has tweeted on Twitter. The single tweet from Asha had become a base for innumerable hate replies from the Pakistani people making use of their Twitter social networking website.
To all such shameful tweets, Asha Bhosle has given a single reply. Her single badass reply had put all of the Pakistani people to shame. Just have a look over the badass reply that will turn all of us open our mouth wide out of shock and astonishment.
Here are some of the awful tweets from Pakistani Twitter users:
  • @ashabhosle i dnt speak your name at my home. . . . .it looks like “aaja bhosri”#asshole
  • @ashabhosle hind ki maan ki kiss or teri maan ko lun
    • Indians🖕 (@india_chutiya_h)
  • Asha bhosle is a tharki, war hungry buddhi, who can only scream but not sing. Oh haan, jisse izzat bhi raas nai aati.
  • @ashabhosle abey oh Buriyaa ghar baith q pichlee umar main uranay Niklee ho
Here’s is the shocking reply from the singer Asha Bhosle for the abusive tweets of Pakistani people.
“Didn’t know so many abusive kutte were following me. Deleted all. Doodh ka doodh pani ka pani. Guess my fellow artistes facing same problem.”
With her single reply, Asha had shut all the mouths of her haters. However, some Pakistani people continued to tweet with their awful tweets on Asha. She once again replied as:
“I said abusive kutte. Did I say Pakistani? So, Why are Pakistanis upset? Anyone can be abusive.”
“Enjoying a wonderful day in Durban with classy people. Having a great time while others are waiting time with hate mail. Ha ha and more ha.”

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