Are You Really In Love Or Is It Merely An Attraction? -


March 19, 2017

Are You Really In Love Or Is It Merely An Attraction?

Are You Really In Love Or Is It Merely An Attraction?

Jumping from one relationship to another in the name of ‘being in love’ is just not the sign of the person being truly in love. To be honest, this is not the scenario of the true love instead this is the fear of being alone that makes the person go from one love relationship to another.
This is true that you can’t actually evaluate love in terms of some unit because this is just a feeling which can only be felt once you are truly in love. But what if you are not being able to understand is this love. Here are a few signs that show if you are in love or it is just an attachment?
  1. Passionate Vs Lack of Interest
Love is passionate, you would have one of those intense feelings about your partner. You can’t actually define what are you feeling but it is there.
When there is just an attachment then it means that you will lack interest in this particular person at some point in time, and you won’t feel concerned.
2. Selflessness Vs Self-centered
Love is selfless, you will be thinking about your partner before you think about yourself. You will be concerned for him and care for him with the depth of your heart.
You will put yourself in the first place before thinking about your partner then this is the case of just an attachment.
3. Freedom Vs Possession
Your partner and you are free to do anything because you people understands your relationship and your priorities.
But in the case of an attachment, you want to have the possession of everything your partner does as somewhere deep in your heart, you knows your partner doesn’t belong to you.
4. Partial Vs Impartial
Love empower you with the partial expression of thoughts.
While, when is it an attachment, your partner would choose to take sides in spite of being honest.
5. Unlimited Vs Timed
Your love for your partner will be like a never-ending saga.
When you are attached to someone, the feeling will stick to you for a short period of time only.

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