Are Karishma Kapoor And Her Beau Sandeep Finally Moving In? -


March 24, 2017

Are Karishma Kapoor And Her Beau Sandeep Finally Moving In?

Are Karishma Kapoor And Her Beau Sandeep Finally Moving In?
Karishma Kapoor and her Beau Sandeep to Finally Begin their Relationship @ 3BHK
Karishma Kapoor, the popular Indian actress had appeared in numerous films in Bollywood film industry. Karishma had chosen the scripts for different female-centric movies. Just like many other actresses in B-Town, Karishma Kapoor is the highest-paid actress in India. The actress had acquired immense popularity due to her roles in various Hind films. Karishma had won a National Film Award and 4 Filmfare awards. Now, this actress had made into news headlines with some interesting news. Check it out!
The actress married Sanjay Kapur in the year 2003. Due to some issues, the couple split up with each other later after several years of relationship. As we all know, Karishma Kapoor had divorced with her ex-husband Sanjay Kapur in the year 2016. Since then, some rumours regarding her new boyfriend spread across the web. As per the latest reports, the popular actress Karishma and Sandeep Toshniwal have planned to move in together. There are some rumours that say the couple are planning to begin their relationship in their dream house.
Karishma Kapoor and Sandeep’s New BHK Apartment
The couple have finally discovered their dream house so as to live together. As per the news, the couple had purchased a 3BHK apartment in Juhu. The apartment seems extremely posh and appears in a magnificent manner. After the break-up of Karishma Kapoor and Sanjay Kapur, her ex-husband had decided to marry with his long-time girlfriend Priya Sachdev. After this news arrived online, Karishma and Sandeep have ostensibly appeared on the news with this flash news.
Since a long time, both Sandeep and Karishma stayed in their relationship. In many of the parties and events, the couple have spotted together. However, they haven’t actually announced about the alleged relationship. Earlier, Sandeep and Karishma met each other at a party through their mutual friend some years back. After that single meet, they keep on meeting each other on a frequent basis and finally become closer.
As we all know, Karishma Kapoor is the film actress. On the other hand, her boyfriend, Sandeep is the CEO of one of the most popular Pharmaceutical Companies in India. Several interesting things happened between the couple. But, still, we are quite unsure why the couple didn’t announce their relationship officially. Hope, after looking at this news, the couple will soon come out announcing about their new relationship.

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