Alok Nath to drill “sanskaar” into son’s head as Twitter gets ‘drunk’ -


March 22, 2017

Alok Nath to drill “sanskaar” into son’s head as Twitter gets ‘drunk’

Alok Nath to drill “sanskaar” into son’s head as Twitter gets ‘drunk’
After Alok Nath‘s son was caught drunk driving a couple of days ago, Twitter trolls obviously got over active about the irony of this decade  and “sanskari” jokes behind flying all over the place.
The veteran actor is so synonymous with ‘sanskaar‘ that the label hangs around his neck like an albatross, to quote Miss Malini.
Now Alok Nath took to social media to add to the mayhem. He said he needs to drill some “sanskar” into his son’s fat head. Jokes on what Alok Nath’s son was drinking or not drinking were doing the rounds for more than 3-4 days. One popular joke was that the Mumbai Police should check their gear as Alok Nath’s son was only drinking Ganga jal.
However the actor would not have any of this and said: “My son was present at the court and he accepted his mistake. Since it was his first offence, the court let him off with a strict warning. As a father, I told him that he shouldn’t have taken the wheels (when drunk) and instead, requested someone else, who hadn’t consumed alcohol, to drive. Everyone is the same before law and I do not like distinguishing between celebs and the aam junta, but one wrong move by a star kid and it immediately comes under the spotlight — even blown out of proportion, at times. He was lucky to be let off with a warning, but that doesn’t mean he can do what he wants. I need to pass on some sanskaar to my son. I am sure he will learn from his mistakes.

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